National Farmers, Fishermen launch document to deepen advocacy

The National Farmers and Fishermen Award Winners Association-Ghana, is taking steps to tap into experiences of its members to advance the sectors.
A strategic document to guide engagement with government on policies of interest to Ghanaian farmers has also been outdoored.
The National Farmers and Fishermen Award Winners Association-Ghana comprises both past and present award winners.
Having been in existence for over three decades, the association is rebranding and repositioning itself to develop agriculture in Ghana.

Officials emphasise vigorous support for the sector to enhance economic growth and the pursuit of the welfare of members, as well as smallholder farmers.
National Chairman, Davies Narh Korboe, says it is critical to take on board past and present award winners to play greater roles in developing agriculture.
“The rebranding and launching of the strategic document is long overdue as a result of our difficult, challenging pasts and the overwhelming benefits it would unlock for our members, smallholder farmers and various agricultural practitioners in the country,” he explained.
Under the theme, ‘Making the most out of our best farmers and fishermen’, it intends to do this by organising and positioning ourselves to align with various interest development partners, donor agencies and farmer-based organisation, smallholder farmers, women, youth, government and funding partners among others.

The association and the charge
The members have immense experience in their fields of farming and fishing.
Leadership says it is a national duty to support the government in a manner to see to the development of agriculture, an industry described as the backbone of the nation’s economy.
Narh Korboe, charged its members that, “the days of dormancy are over”.

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For him, it is time for all award winners to play greater roles in developing the agricultural industry in Ghana, to justify the recognition, acknowledgement and investment made by the taxpayer.
He explains the association is aligning itself with new global policies like the sustainable development goals.
“We need a very positive and revolutionary attitude from the Award Winners, smallholder farmers, agricultural policy think tanks and government to make agriculture work to its fullest level in Ghana,” Mr Korboe added.
Meanwhile, Guest speaker at the program launch, a member of the Council of State, Nana Owusu Akyaw explains government must collaborate with such association to enhance the course of agriculture.

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