10 Skinny-Jean Mistakes Celebs Over 40 Never Make

We’re all well aware by now that skinny jeans are timeless and ageless. Some of the most stylish celebrities over age 40 are proof positive of that. The thing about women in this age group is that they’ve honed their style over the years, and they know what works (and doesn’t work) for them. For that reason, it’s wise to follow their lead and build your own arsenal of skinny-jean outfits inspired by them.
With those years of sartorial experience under their belts, it’s evident that celebs over 40 have learned with style “mistakes” to avoid and which to make on purpose, and since they’re such a wardrobe staple, that certainly applies to skinny-jean mistakes. You’re probably ready to just see what those avoidable mistakes are, so keep scrolling to see how celebs like Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Moss wear skinny jeans sans mistakes.

Mistake they avoid: letting an oversize T-shirt cover their waistline

Mistake they avoid: not relying on a sleek all-black outfit from time to time


On Kate Moss: Saint Laurent sunglasses; Siwy jeans

Mistake they avoid: wearing distressed, ripped skinny jeans that compete with the rest of their outfit

Mistake they avoid: not using chic accessories to add interest


WHO: Jennifer Aniston

Mistake they avoid: getting proportions wrong, like wearing something tight with them


On Keri Russell: The North Face jacket

Mistake they avoid: only wearing them with casual shoes


On Jennifer Lopez: Hermès bag; René Caovilla Xtra Sneakers ($950)

Mistake they avoid: wearing ill-fitting skinny jeans

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Mistake they avoid: only ever wearing them with neutrals and basics

Mistake they avoid: pairing them with sloppy pieces


On Kate Beckinsale: Re/Done T-shirt; Alaia boots

Mistake they avoid: wearing the wrong shoes for their pant length


On Nicole Kidman: Converse sneakers


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