6 Ways Celebrities Are Wearing Uggs and Leggings (That Are Still Stylish)

Ugg boots and leggings have usually been associated with casual, on-the-go outfits, but during winter, the former can be the most stylish—and of course comfiest—winter shoes around. With the right leggings, Ugg boots make the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe, a staple, really, on the coldest of winter days. The biggest supporters of this ultra-comfy trend? Celebrities. Our favorite stars are inspiring the best of Ugg outfits, often pairing the boots with oversize sweaters or long coats. Celebs love to pair their favorite Uggs and leggings with colorful outerwear or with a matching outfit for a chic monochrome look.
The best part about Uggs (besides their comfort and warmth) is the variety of styles they come in. Uggs have come a long way from when they were first introduced, now available in seemingly endless styles and colors to fit anyone’s personal taste. Aside from the classic tall Uggs, there is everything from knit to lace up to boots with shearling details. All perfect to pair with leggings that fit perfectly into the boots to create an extra-comfy fit. Celebs have also been spotted in print leggings to add extra style to their Uggs. Try pairing the warmest boots of winter with thick printed leggings and this season’s biggest trend: puffer coats. Together, these items make for the coziest and most stylish winter outfit.
Below, see how celebrities are styling the look, shop our picks for the best Uggs this winter, and then start copying these styles ASAP because let’s face it: Ugg boots are the comfiest shoes you own.

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WHO: Rihanna
Style Notes: Leave it to Rihanna to absolutely kill the Uggs-with-leggings outfit. Copy her look and pair your leggings and Uggs with an oversize jacket.


WHO: Gigi Hadid
Style Notes: We love how Hadid paired her short Ugg booties with a casual T-shirt and leggings but a more tailored coat.


WHO: Sofía Vergara
Style Notes: Not only does Sofía Vergara look fabulous but also extra warm in her long puffer coat and high Ugg boots. Copy her style and pair an all-black outfit with lighter Uggs.


WHO: Alessandra Ambrosio
Style Notes: Add a pop of color to your outfit like Alessandra Ambrosio did, with print leggings. Match your sweater to your short Uggs for a cohesive, put-together look.


WHO: Gisele Bündchen
Style Notes: We love Gisele’s monochrome look. Copy her style and pair high Ugg boots with leggings and a matching coat for a warm, simple look.


WHO: Kendall Jenner
Style Notes: Copy Jenner’s look and match your Uggs to a furry hat for even more warmth. We love the olive green bomber jacket with neutral colors. 

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