Follow this 1950s advice for getting a husband

Finding someone you fancy spending the rest of your life with is tricky. Tinder is an endless pit of disappointment, despair.
Every decent person you know is already coupled up.
You tried going speed-dating but you’d already had a go with 60% of the attendees.
Why not give up all the faff of modern dating, and follow a 1958 magazine’s advice for landing a husband?

An article from a 1958 edition of American magazine McCall’s has been shared and laughed at thousands of times after a woman named Kim shared photos of its wisdom on Facebook.

(Picture: McCall’s) Caption: Mag page 2.jpg
The article has a load of tips and tricks for finding a husband, letting him know you exist, and snaring his undying love and affection, with the help of 16 people selected for their ‘good minds, lively ideas, and mature experience’.

The advice is a little… unconventional.

(Picture: McCall’s)
To find a husband we’re advised to ‘associate with more attractive girls [as] they may have some leftovers’, to ‘get lost at football games’, and to ‘get a government job overseas’ – all of which sound like rather more effort than just making eyes with that guy you see on the Tube each morning.

Under the ‘How to let him know you’re there’ section, things get weirder.
Apparently, the way to get a man’s attention is to ‘stand in a corner and cry softly’, ‘carry a hatbox’, and ‘wear a bandaid’.
We shall be trying all of these, obviously.

(Picture: McCall’s)

(Picture: McCall’s)
Once you get his attention and land a date, it’s important to order your steak rare, ‘send his mother a birthday card’ (how did you get my parents’ address, miss?), and ‘learn to scale and clean fish’.
The magazine seems to care little for your personal wellbeing in your mission to get a man, advising you to ‘get a sunburn’, ‘use an ashtray’, and refuse to tell your date about any allergies.

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(Picture: McCall’s)

(Picture: McCall’s)
But aside from that, the tips all seem fairly doable.

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