Commercial driver pulls out big machete from his car to slaughter private car driver (video)

Yes, stories of motorists engaging in heated altercations and sometimes getting physical with each other make the headlines sometimes, but not to the extent of pulling out a machete with a threat to slaughter another motorist.

The incident is reported to have occurred in South Africa after the commercial driver veered off from his lane to enter another, but the private car driver did not allow him to cross him.

He then got angry and pulled out the dreadful sharp object and started threatening the other motorist through his car window, before finally blocking him with his car.

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He then started brandishing the machete recklessly and approached the private car driver face-to-face, threatening to slaughter him.

Passengers and other motorists could be heard shouting in an attempt to restrain the errant commercial driver.

Watch the video below:

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