The Chiefs and people of Tongu in the Volta Region have reiterated their resolve to oppose the creation of Oti region, if their concerns are ignored by government.

Briefing the media at Sogakope on Tuesday, Paramount Chief of Tefle Traditional Area and Chairman of Tongu Council, Togbui Nakakpo Dugbaza insisted government approach to the issue is a deliberate attempt to create enmity among the people of the Volta region.

Togbui Dugbaza accused the government of failing to do proper consultations with key people that would be affected by the creation of the new region.

“We know that it is the constitutional mandate for the president to create and demarcate boundaries for the country but where we see that it is not visible and the people are agitating…then he must hold on.”

He said that they would be compelled to resort to the courts if government refuses to address their concerns.

“If the government refuses to listen, well, we will send a petition, and if government still refuses to allow the whole of the Volta region to participate in the referendum, we may be compelled to go to the Supreme Court for the interpretation of the law, because, you are taking part of my house and if I am the host in the house I must have a say in that issue,” Togbui Dugbaza stated.

He listed a number of reasons why chiefs in the region are opposing the creation of the Oti region.

Togbui Dugbaza also claimed the process has been politicised as well as an attempt to erase the historical identity of Voltarians among others as reasons why they do not want a new region to be created.

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He insisted that all Voltarians should be allowed to vote in the referendum.

Creation of new region and matters arising 

Meanwhile, some individuals and groups have filed separate suits at the Supreme Court raising issues about what went into the demarcation of the electoral area, with others raising concern over the whole idea to create a new region.

All these cases are currently pending before court, but the Electoral Commission says it will go ahead with the referendum.

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