Government urged to support ‘community life after stroke’ programme

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    Saturday 16th March, 2019

    National Stroke Survivors Day

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    By Edmund Quaynor, GNA

    Koforidua, March 16,
    GNA – The Stroke Association Support Network of Ghana (SASNET- Gh) has called
    on the government to support the ‘community life after stroke’ programme.

    This, the Association
    said, could help reduce the impact of stroke, reduce stress on families,
    promote fast recovery and give hope to stroke survivors.

    This was contained in
    a press release issued by the Association to mark this year’s National Stroke
    Survivors Day which is observed on March 16 annually.

    This is the second
    anniversary of the celebration of the day which is aimed at giving real hope
    and connection to people living with stroke; those impacted with stroke; and to
    give people affected with stroke the assurance that there is still life after

    The release said
    stroke is a complex medical condition but early recognition of the signs of
    stroke, treatment of stroke as an emergency case and admission of patient to a
    specialized   stroke ward or unit and
    access to professional care can significantly reduce the impact of stroke on
    the sick and their families.

    The release called on
    families to learn more about stroke to help reduce the impact of stroke adding
    that face drooping, arm weakness and speech slurred are dangerous signs that
    require immediate actions to get the victim to hospital for medical care.

    The release said
    figures available indicate that about 9,021 stroke survivors in Ghana cannot
    access the right health care because of poverty, unavailability of
    rehabilitation centres in certain parts of the country, lack of drugs for
    treatment, and superstition.

    The release said
    currently 1.6 million people in Ghana are living with stroke and called on the
    government to adopt the Global Stroke Bill of Right.

    The Association
    called on all Ghanaians to show massive support to all persons affected with
    stroke whenever they encounter them.



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