US to expand visa restriction on Ghana

The United States says it will expand the scope of its visa restriction on Ghana if it does not receive appropriate response from Accra.

Washington has imposed visa restrictions on Ghana following a row over the deportation of Ghanaians staying illegally in the United States.

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The move, which goes into effect on February 4, will also affect government employees and politicians.

US officials have accused Ghana of refusing to accept the return of Ghanian nationals that it wants to deport.

Donald Trump

“Secretary of State (Mike) Pompeo has ordered consular officers in Ghana to implement visa restrictions on certain categories of visa applicants,” the Department of Homeland Security said in a statement.

“Without an appropriate response from Ghana, the scope of these sanctions may be expanded to a wider population,” it said.

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Meanwhile, Ghana’s Foreign Ministry has condemned the unjustifiable visa restriction.

The Ministry in a statement expressed concern and disappointment for alleged lack of adequate cooperation in accepting Ghanaian nationals who have been ordered to be removed from the US.

Ms Shirley Ayorkor Botchway

The Ministry explains that as at January 8, 2019, its Washington Mission had received 28 applications from the US Authorities, out of which 19 had been interviewed by the Embassy and 11 travelling certificates issued for their travel to Ghana.

It said those outstanding are as a result of doubts on their Ghanaian nationality, ill health and pending litigation in US courts.

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