Yaa Naa Andani’s funeral will continue – Committee of eminent chiefs

The final funeral rites of the late Yaa Naa Yakubu Andani II will continue with the agreed upon road map, the committee superintending the process has said.

A statement from the office of the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, who is the Chairman of the committee of eminent chiefs said the funeral rites will continue as planned.

“On Sunday 13th January to pave way for the performance of the funeral by the elders of the Andani royal family,” the statement said.

This comes after some renewed clashes in Dagbon between the Abudu and the Andani gates who have been feuding for decades. The clashes led to the torching of several homes and leaving at least one dead.

Read the full statement below:


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