Here’s how to batch delete old Facebook posts from your timeline

There’s a time and a place for Facebook, and it’s called college. Aside from all the privacy grandstanding and data collection accusations, sometimes you just want to go all Marie Kondo on those old Facebook posts.
Thankfully, there’s an easier way of removing those pictures from 2007 than just manually scrolling through, selecting and deleting each one individually.

All you have to do in order to batch-delete those pictures is go to your profile and click the ‘manage posts’ button. We recommend switching to the ‘grid view’ rather than the traditional timeline view as it’ll make it easier to select them.
You can even jump back through the years with the drop-down box on the left-hand side. Clicking the small corner box on each post lets you select up to fifty to delete at once.

You’ll see a prompt at the bottom of the screen saying ‘You can hide or delete the posts selected’ next to a big blue ‘Next’ button.
Click the button and decide whether you want to just hide the posts or erase them forever. It’s worth pointing out that you’ll only be able to delete your own posts.
When we tried this for ourselves we weren’t able to delete posts from others that were lodged on our timeline.
Facebook has re-committed to user privacy in recent weeks with a 3,000 word essay from boss Mark Zuckerberg laying out the future of the platform.

It includes adding encryption to messages so that no-one else can read them and introducing self-deleting messages and pictures, something originally pioneered by Snapchat.
Still, before that happens you may want to go back over your old posts and only keep the ones that spark joy for you.

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